25 June 2016

11 tips to help you smash that powerpoint presentation...

How many presentations have you sat through and thought you'd loose the will to live. Slides can make or break your presentation
and using a standard out of the box powerpoint slides is a sure-fire way to lose your audience within seconds. If your smart, powerpoint can be cool, but like me I'm sure you've seen some seriously epic fails when it comes to presentations, and when your Manager asks "Email me your slides" it always makes me shudder, a miss mash of slides put together to try and resemble some sort of presentation, total disaster. To help with the Powerpoint problem, here are 11 tips to help you smash that powerpoint presentation...

Remember who your audience are and tailor your presentation 
to suit their needs and wants, don't use a standard off the shelf 
presentation - that just doesn't cut it!

Ok I agree Automation is cool and most presentation platforms offer this 
functionality, but just because its there doesn't mean you have to use it, be 
cool, be funky and use Automation on a few key points or an image.

The room is here to listen to you, not read a presentation over your 
shoulder. Use the presentation as a tool to assist you, don't let the Powerpoint make you it's bitch. 
Top Tip: Reading the Slides to your audience makes you sound like a Robot.

Try out a GIF file in your presentation, adding a little flare of 
movement can really enhance your slide.

How many slides? You don't need hundreds of slides, 
just a few simple key points to help 
you discuss your amazing ideas or products.

I'm not a fan of times new roman or comic sans, they are ugly fonts! Use 
interesting and fun fonts, which work well together.

Creating a slide with contrasting colours can have a very powerful effect, 
black and white always work well together, navy and bright yellow also pop.

Text, too much of it spoils a presentation, keep your slide to key points, 
you do the talking and you are on your way to a winning presentation.

Video is a very engaging medium and popping a video into your presentation 
is another great way to engage your audience and break up all that talking.

Images, a fantastic way of getting your point across, choose 
carefully though and don't fall into the pitfall of those dreaded cogs, arrows, 
stacked pebbles #Boring

Spice up your presentation, you don't have to go for powerpoint each time, 
there are other platforms out there which are very cool, Prezi, Emaze
Powtoon and Visme. These tools are a super neat way to 
impress your audience.

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