9 February 2016

Giving me a Boost - engaging with followers on a budget #NinePounds

I think +Facebook offers the best value for money when it comes to paid advertising, especially if you have a very small budget. I've created several advertising campaigns in Facebook on a very tight budget and in this blog post, I will show you the results of using the Boost Post option. 

This option was use for Otaki Zilchoo, which is a facebook fan page and blog dedicated to a small town in New Zealand, called Otaki. Which is where I grew up. The Zilchoo part, well that stands for Zilch for Zero and oo for Oh my goodness it's free. Otaki Zilchoo is a blog and facebook fan page dedicated to finding free things to see and do in Otaki. 

Using Facebook's Boost Option

This is a post which I shared on Otaki Zilchoo Facebook fan page, the organic results where so good with this particular post, that I decided to use the option of boosting. I spent £9.00 on this boost, over a span of two days. You can see below the results, for a budget price of £9.00 I think this was very effective.

Comparing Facebook Boost Results to Page Views on Blog

I also wanted to compare how many pageviews I received, during the approximate time period, so having a look at my statistics, 219 page views, that's pretty good. When I look at the facebook results though, it states there were only 29 Link Clicks. So why do I have 219 page views. One of the reasons for this, I only ran the Boost Post for two days, but people could still have seen and clicked through to my blog post after the Boost Post Campaign was finished.


I found this advertisting method quite effective, and recieved the results I was hoping for, people where engaging with my post. To find out more about Facebook Advertising, click here.

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