21 December 2015

#JoseMourinho - Football and your campaign team

Football is one of the most popular games in the UK, probably even the world, I'm not a football punit, infact I'm not actually a football fanl, but I do find it interesting the media storm surrounding all the action, drama, controversy, highs and lows of the game. 

What I find most intriguing is when everything go's a little pear shaped, is the immediate dismissal of the manager. Yes, I agree, in certain circumstances the manager has to go, but with football it seems to be the default decision. When working in a team you need to look at all the variables. 
When I take a look at a Social Media campaign which didn't achieve the results desired, instead of just sackig the manager, look at all the elements.

Campaign Manager

Was the overall campaign messaging correct?

Content Manager 

Topical, well written, researched? 

Creative Manager

How did you present your content, a webpage, blog, online presentation, video, animation, infographic?

How was your customer journey? Smooth, short, enjoyable and most of all, was it relevant to the target audience? 

SEO Manager

What keywords did you choose, will they be found by search engines?

Email Marketer

Was your database up to date? Your target audience correct? Was the email designed well and was it sent on the right day and time for your audience?

Paid Search Manager

Where the correct tools used? Did you put enough money behind the campaign?  

Social Media Manager
Was the content postied on the correct social platform? Did you use a hashtag? And similar to your email marketer, was the content posted on the right day at the right time? 

Internal Communications Manager
This person is the key to letting employees know about the campaign, the more employees who know about the content, the more who will be able to share.

Quick Overview

This is just a quick overview of what each person in the team contributes to the campaign, but it's not just one person who makes a campaign a success, it's an entire team and if just one of those jobs isn't completed on time, in the right order, researched correctly or posted at the right time of day, then the entire campaign won't have the results you desired.

As much as I'm not a fan of Jose Mourinho, I do feel that perhaps Chelsea should be looking at the entire structure of team, from the players, managers and administration employees. Because everybody has a part to play in the success of a team.

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