19 October 2015

Tweeting at a Conference

Today I ran a workshop on how to tweet at a conference, it was a fantastic turnout, and everyone was really excited to hear how tweeting a conference effectively can really boost your engagement. 

We discussedPre-Event tweeting, how to tweet during the Event and even what to do post the event. As a quick round up here are a few of my top tips for those of you wishing to tweet a conference.

Pre Event tweeting, my top tips include

  • Tweet comments to the speakers
  • Connect with Attendees
  • Create a hashtag
  • Announce your attending the event
  • Tweet the organisers

During the Event, top tips

  • Tweet plenty of photos
  • Use Industry related hashtags
  • Tweet key note speakers
  • ask your followers questions
  • Tweet your schedule

Create an awesome campaign to engage with followers and attendees - for some inspiration click here.

Post Event

  • Tweet people you met
  • Write a blog and tweet
  • Tweet the organisers

Let me know how you use Twitter or any other social media platform at the next conference, seminar or expo you attend.

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