27 January 2015

The End of Email? #ReplyToAll

9.00am, you sit down at your desk with your lovely hot cuppa, log on to your computer and check your email, you sigh at every "Reply to All" and unnecessary "CC", delete the spam, accept the meeting invitations and wonder if any of these flagged emails have been BCC'd?

It's a ritual which millions of like minded office workers do every morning. Love or Have it, email isn't going to go away anytime soon, but can we work just a little bit smarter? Below is a quick snapshot at some email usage statistics to get you thinking...

A Paperless office?

There has always been talk of a paperless office, in fact, that idea has been doing the rounds for over 20 years. As old equipment has been replaced with funky new technology, shouldn't we have a better solution other than email? Since the introduction of email to the workplace, have we become more productive? Or is it more of a case that businesses should introduce effective email policies?

Some start-up companies have taken the step to remove email completely from the office, other companies such as German Vehicle company Daimler introduced an email policy where emails sent to employees on Holiday where deleted. Other companies like +Salesforce have their internal communication tool, Chatter. There's also +Yammer, Lotus Notes Sametime and plenty of Intranets.

Closed Messaging Apps

What's interesting is the rise of closed messaging Apps, such as +WhatsApp and +Snapchat, which 18-24 year old demographic seem to have grabbed with both hands. Will these Apps ever have a place in the world of business? Probably, but in the meantime, we'll spend (approximately) 81 days checking our inbox, writing emails, pressing "reply to all", trolling through archived emails, deleting spam...

The Poll

What's your preferred communication tool in the workplace? Make your vote in the poll and find out what the rest of the workforce would actually prefer to use.

Statistics Resources 

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  1. I know this was a discussion on communication platforms, but I find it interesting that in-person/face to face communication wasn't even an option. Because as helpful as technology tools are, sometimes the big problems can only be solved by people in a room together. Just last week my husband's global company had an offsite and moved their projects months forward from where they had been stalled [mainly due to ineffective electronic communication]. Electronic communication in any form still has not mastered the art of subtlety and emotional cues.

    1. Hi Vanessa, good point, perhaps I should have considered putting in Face to Face as a preferred communication. I must admit, that is always my preference! I'm hosting an internal Social Media Think with Graduates this week, and they are all very keen to discuss this Digital Dilemma, I will put Face to Face in the mix! Thanks Claire :-)


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