28 October 2014

What kind of Facebooker are you?

Facebook published their user statistics for 2013, 24 million people in Britain logged on to Facebook each day, 4 out of 5 of those people logged on using mobile and tablets, more than a 3rd of those people visit the site every day. 

On average, most people have 200 friends. I 285 friends on Facebook and over the years I've been on the platform I've noticed there is a trend among Facebookers, they fall into 13 typical user types. 

Which one are you, or are you a combination of a couple of Facebook Types? I confess that I am "The Occasional Poster", while my husband is the "Silent Listener".

What Kind of Facebooker are you?

I've put together a poll to find out what the average Facebook user is. 

1. The Activist 
You know the one, the political activist, the climate warrior, Greenpeace champion, they use Facebook to protest, air their views and post articles & blogs from other activists, but they never post anything personal.

2. The Broadcaster 
This is the person who tells you everything, and I mean everything...a photo of their dinner, 156 photos from their latest mini break to Prague, overuse of the Check-In App, arguments with their other half, their personal review of the latest Homeland episode, their daily commuter nightmare, latest headache, toilet break...

3. The Silent Listener 
This is the person who has a profile, has uploaded a few photographs, but never updates their status, posts or likes anything. They are the silent listener, reviewing their Facebook wall but never joining in the conversation.

4. The Candy Crusher 
Stop, just stop with the invitations to play Candy Crush...or whatever game it is your playing... 

5. The Occasional Poster 
This person uses Facebook, yep you guessed it, occasionally, you'll find a selection of photographs, some status updates and a small amount of interaction with their friends, but just occasionally.

6. The Inspirational Quoter 

This person likes to share their daily updates of inspirational (I use this term loosely) quotes complete with misty images of beaches, mountain ranges, clouds, sunsets, rivers, parks....

7. The Conspiracy Theorists 
Very Similar to the Activist, but this person posts 'news' articles from Huffington Post or The Onion, claiming the Government, FBI, CIA, MI5, MI6 are behind everything, everything! They are covering up everything!

8. The Big Statement Maker 
You know this person, they make big statements: "I'm so mad right now, can't believe that happened" or my personal favourite, "The Games People play" - then never actually tell you what's going on.  Their status is followed up by concerned friends, "What's up hun?" or "Love you, just PM'd you". 

9. The Digital Sportsman 
This person, although similar to the Big Statement Maker, is only focused on one thing, sport, sport and more sport, they review the latest match with a play by play, up to the minute review of every aspect of the game.

10. Da Spella 
Is dis person U? Ya Spellin' is Real Hard 2 Read, It can Sum times Take me a Few Min's to read ya Status and unda stand Wat ya are chattin' About.  PS - You also have a habit of capsizing random words.
11. Technically Challenged 
This person doesn't know the difference between posting on a Friends wall and sending a private message. Quite often confusing the two, resulting in a very long message detailing far too much information publicly on their friend's wall.

12. Two for One 
The account which is shared by a loving couple, being friends with this couple you get two for the price of one, awesome!  The only trouble here is you can't always be sure who you are talking to. 

14. The Paparazzi 

Constantly posting photographs of yourself and your friends, drunken selfies, weekend snaps, Friday night down the pub, Sunday afternoon bbq, even historical photos from 15 years ago. Similar to the broadcaster, yet you do it in image form. Just be careful not annoy your friends with all the photo posting and tagging.

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