22 September 2014

You've reached your daily limit...mañana

It took me a while to find the Google+ Love, I eventually did, and now I'm a huge fan and particularly enjoy communities. But what I'm not so in love with are the limits. Google+ has a daily limit of adding people to your circle, this is a little annoying, I understand Google's reasoning, but I had some spare time today and wanted to add more people to my circle. 

According to Google+ "If you add a large surge of people or +pages to your circles within a 24 hour period, our system will temporarily stop you from adding additional people even if you’re under the total number of people you can have in your circles.
You may also hit this limit if you shuffle your existing circle memberships too much. Repeatedly removing and re-adding people to different circles can push you to this limit. In these cases, just wait a day and you’ll be able to add people again."

Boo Google+ I've "Reached my Daily Limit".

I've also noticed Google+ Local pages can only add approx 50 profiles / pages in a 24 hour period, business Pages the limit is around 200 and your personal profiles about 500.

So the daily limit may not seem like a big deal, but there a couple reasons why I find this annoying: 

  1. When someone adds's me to their circle, I like to add them back, having a limit well, limits my activity. 
  2. If I find a lot of interesting people or businesses I like to add them to my circles, today I was only able to add 20ish profiles and there was plenty more I wanted to follow.
Google+'s suggestion, come back tomorrow and you can add more people to your Circles, it's a solution, but not one that suits me. Hopefully, this changes soon, but until then, mañana, mañana.

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