19 September 2014

#ChatterChallenge - A Twitter Campaign

The #ChatterChallenge was a successful twitter campaign I created while working at a +Salesforce implementation company as the Digital Marketing Manager. At this company, we were huge users of a Salesforce.com tool called Chatter. What’s Chatter you ask? 

It’s salesforce.com’s internal social media application and has the ability to replace internal email! It's a free salesforce social media tool, it's very effective and allows users to communicate directly within salesforce, if your business is not using it, you need to check it out! 

We used Chatter all the time to communicate with team members, customers, and partners, so social media became the perfect platform to showcase just what a great tool Chatter is and how effective it can be in business.

The Plan

We challenged the CEO to use Chatter for one month as per primary communication tool. Daily posts were published on Facebook and Google+ (as per the images below), as well as 3-4 tweets with the hashtag #ChatterChallenge and each week I published a blog describing what the CEO had discovered about chatter.  As the month progressed the information got progressively more and more complex. 

Leading up to the Challenge, I tweeted salesforce employees, end users, administrators and enthusiasts to follow or participate in the challenge. I had a great response, including Salesforce. 

Twitter Campaign Rules

The Rules for the Challenge where pretty simple and easy to follow...
  1. All written communication to your team must posted through Chatter.
  2. Make use of your customer groups, and send all written communication through that group
  3. Use Chatter to post all your documents, files and images
  4. Collaboration! Post any questions or comments through salesforce using your Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Campaigns etc).
  5. Don’t forget to say no to email!
  6. Your Challenge begins 9.00am 1st Monday of the month and ends 5.30pm the last Friday of the month.

Twitter Champaign Results

The challenge was very successful, at the completion, I produced (with the design brilliance of +Zac Thorne, Milk It Design) and published several pieces of content, an Infographic, The Chatter Challenge Road Map and a downloadable whitepaper, The Chatter Business Case, this whitepaper was very popular with our customers and prospects. Twitter followers increased by 20% and we gained the attention of companies like salesforce.com and Virgin America. 

If you're a salesforce user, try the #ChatterChallenge for yourself, don't forget to let me know about your journey.

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