5 January 2017

The Headscarf Revolutionaries: pioneers of change

Creating change in the work place is nothing new, it's called disruption, I've written on this topic previously: My Mum The 1960's Workplace Disruptor. Well it seems I'm surrounded by strong women, (which of course I think it amazing) one of my Mum's best friends Virginia is the daughter of Lillian Bilocca, one of the many pioneer's of workplace disruption. 
Lillian, from Hessle Road in Hull, Yorkshire, also known as Big Lil, led a campaign after three ships sank in 1968 with the loss of 58 lives. She, along with Christine Jensen (nee Smallbone), Mary Denness and Yvonne Blenkinsop, forced new safety measures after lobbying the government.

4 January 2017

Is it on trend to be a Social Media Hater?

I've noticed a recent trend; blog articles claiming social media is a waste of time, we should all switch off or delete our accounts. Then, as it would turn out, these articles are published on social media, such as LinkedIn Pulse, tweeted or shared on Facebook. Go figure, all these people claiming social media is a waste of time, yet need these platforms to push out their own content. I recently read an article on Linkedin, "Is Social Media a waste of time" which the author concluded social media was intact a waste of time, at the time same publishing the article on LinkedIn Pusle (Linkedin's very own internal blogging platform) as well as asking all his readers to share on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

1 January 2017

Hangover Day - 1st January

There is a National Day for just about everything! And wouldn't you know it, Hangover Day is the 1st January. After all the New Year's parties and celebrations are over, you can celebrate by nursing your hangover on National Hangover Day. Where on earth did Hangover Day get started? A group of friends topic of conversation was National Days. 
 From this conversation was born, 'National Hangover Day', legend has it two of those friends Keegan Calliger and Marlo Anderson both stood and yelled simultaneously National Hangover Day shall be the 1st of January.  Submitted in October 2015  and approved by the registrar of National Day Calendar we are now forever able to celebrate Hangover Day!

22 December 2016

Five Digital Marketing Predictions for 2017

2017 will see the rise of personalisation, in video, social media engagement, webpages and Interactive Videos. There is no doubt that personalisation is already in use and extremely popular, but in 2017 we will see this marketing technique get bigger and so much better. Personalisation is a marketing trend which has been around for years, I remember as a child being thrilled at the thought of my name appearing on toys, books, board games or clothing. But taking that trend, and mixing it with the latest social media platforms and technologies, will take the customer experience to the next level.
We'll also see the rise of social engagement working in harmony with television, animated video will play a bigger part in our working lives and Interactive video will start to become more mainstream.

15 December 2016

How Pizza Express use Personalised Video and Social Media

A few days ago my husband and I had lunch at Pizza Express, a nice mid afternoon treat while the children where at School and Nursery. I went for my standard Chicken pizza and my husband, opted for a special from the Christmas Menu. The restaurant was decorated in a festive theme, shiny pizza decorations on the walls and a glass jar with Christmas lights inside sitting on the table. 
The glass jar, was trendy and cool, and what caught my eye was a little tag with a QR Code. 

6 December 2016

The Online Shopper’s Saga: In Search of a Secure Payment Solution

Retail and consumer behaviour is in the spotlight more than ever with the popularity of online shopping being big business! Having a secure payment solution for an e-commerce website is essential for ensuring customers are confident whilst shopping online and will help keep them coming back, especially when a seamless customer journey is involved. 
Part of having a seamless customer journey is the payment process when it comes to the online checkout. Shopping cart abandonment is a hot topic in many business discussions, with most abandoned shopping occurring due to concerns about payment security or the payment process being too complicated.

29 November 2016

IoT in Retail

Investment in IoT in Retail is expected to reach $2.5 billion by 2020, according to Juniper Research. IoT is rapidly reshaping the whole retail industry and its ecosystem. It is, therefore, essential that retailers and their partners understand how to take advantage of IoT technologies. 

Never before have retailers had such a tremendous opportunity to engage and delight their customers. The retailer’s competitive advantage, growth, and ultimate survival now relies on how the internet of things is and will be used to best serve customers.

I attended the IoT in Retail event, hosted by ERP News. Along with some fantastic speakers, I was also given the opportunity to interview Top Thought Leaders during the event, Erik Staaf, Managing Director, IOT-as-a-Service.com and Darko Atijas, Vice President EMEA, Temando. Check out the videos here.